Modern and Efficient Trends of Shopify Website Development in 2022

What is the newest Shopify Website Development trend?

If you look back in 2020 or 2021 and expect the same web development trends to repeat in 2022, you might be wrong!

Did you know 2.14 billion people are shopping online, which is 30% of the overall world’s population? Moreover, almost half of the world’s website owners have chosen Shopify design and development services to create a better website. To stand out from the crowd in the competitive digital world, we have listed modern and efficient website development trends in 2022.

Top 5 Shopify Website Development Trends In 2022

Voice search

Search with voice commands!

Voice search is a trend that makes the user experience more seamless. Now, businesses have realized the advantages of combining AI technology through voice searches. To achieve your business’s needs, you have to invest funds in the eCommerce website’s voice search optimization.

This provides a great experience to users, just like having a personal aid at home.

So, voice search is one of the most popular trends in 2022. You can consider Shopify experts to use this feature for your eCommerce business. Many online platforms have already provided different Voice User Interface solutions.


Personalized user experience!

Customization consists of developing a website page as per the likes and searches of users. Well, the biggest eCommerce website design trend is popular for highlighting sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

For example, you can allow users to stop seeing notifications that are not useful to them. This will create a brand image of your website in the user’s view. Moreover, it increases the trust of customers in your brand or services.

Menu’s Vertical Layout

It’s been decades; users are used to watching websites’ horizontal menus. Earlier online websites were meant for systems like laptops or desktops. But now, with time, 68% of users are looking at websites through mobile phones.

The website has to be mobile-friendly, too, and because of this, websites are opting for vertically aligned menus.

You can ask Shopify developers to create a vertical layout of menus. It will not only make websites mobile-friendly but also enhance the appearance of an eCommerce store.

Odd Designs

Same as in previous years, in 2022, the design or layout makes websites look approaching and functional. There are a number of layouts like the F-layout or singular-column layout. But now, odd layouts are allowing businesses to break the mold.

You can add many elements like:

  • Infinite scrolls
  • Animated pictures
  • Interactive clips

You might be thinking, what will be the outcome of odd layouts? A website can approach users, create longer engagement, and increase conversion rate, and brand retention. You can take help from a Shopify design and development company or services to create unique website layouts.

Supporting eco-friendly brands

Online shopping saves your money and time too. Do you know online shopping provides you an opportunity to do a good deed for your surroundings?

As per the UN, many nations like Southeast Asia, showing an immense dropdown of 40 percent in air pollution. This is because of limited outdoor activities in lockdown. So, these figures encouraged global users to become more environmentally friendly and expected the eCommerce store not to harm the environment. And these days, users are opting for eco-friendly brands, which give rise to green eCommerce websites. In conclusion, it created a wave for businesses to incorporate eco-friendly delivery into their solution.

Wrap up!

Following these trends will allow you to create an eCommerce website with modern 2022 trends. Moreover, you can hire Shopify design and development company to change your website’s appearance.

We would be happy to see you implementing top trends on your eCommerce website or services.

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